KJV 1COR3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 And [G2532] I [G1473] , brethren [G80] , could [G1410] not [G3756] speak [G2980] unto you [G5213] as [G5613] unto spiritual [G4152] , but [G235] as [G5613] unto carnal [G4559] , [even] as [G5613] unto babes [G3516] in [G1722] Christ [G5547] .

3:2 I have fed [G4222] you [G5209] with milk [G1051] , and [G2532] not [G3756] with meat [G1033] : for [G1063] hitherto [G3768] ye were [G1410] not [G3768] able [G1410] [to bear it], neither [G235] [G3777] yet [G2089] now [G3568] are ye able [G1410] .

3:3 For [G1063] ye are [G2075] yet [G2089] carnal [G4559] : for [G1063] whereas [G3699] [there is] among [G1722] you [G5213] envying [G2205] , and [G2532] strife [G2054] , and [G2532] divisions [G1370] , are ye [G2075] not [G3780] carnal [G4559] , and [G2532] walk [G4043] as [G2596] men [G444] ?(divisions: or, factions)(as men: Gr. according to man?)

3:4 For [G1063] while [G3752] one [G5100] saith [G3004] , I [G1473] [G3303] am [G1510] of Paul [G3972] ; and [G1161] another [G2087] , I [G1473] [am] of Apollos [G625] ; are [G2075] ye not [G3780] carnal [G4559] ?

3:5 Who [G5101] then [G3767] is [G2076] Paul [G3972] , and [G1161] who [G5101] [is] Apollos [G625] , but [G235] [G2228] ministers [G1249] by [G1223] whom [G3739] ye believed [G4100] , even [G2532] as [G5613] the Lord [G2962] gave [G1325] to every man [G1538] ?

3:6 I [G1473] have planted [G5452] , Apollos [G625] watered [G4222] ; but [G235] God [G2316] gave the increase [G837] .

3:7 So [G5620] then neither [G3777] is [G2076] he that planteth [G5452] any thing [G5100] , neither [G3777] he that watereth [G4222] ; but [G235] God [G2316] that giveth the increase [G837] .

3:8 Now [G1161] he that planteth [G5452] and [G2532] he that watereth [G4222] are [G1526] one [G1520] : and [G1161] every man [G1538] shall receive [G2983] his own [G2398] reward [G3408] according [G2596] to his own [G2398] labour [G2873] .

3:9 For [G1063] we are [G2070] labourers together [G4904] with God [G2316] : ye are [G2075] God's [G2316] husbandry [G1091] , [ye are] God's [G2316] building [G3619] .(husbandry: or, tillage)

3:10 According [G2596] to the grace [G5485] of God [G2316] which [G3588] is given [G1325] unto me [G3427] , as [G5613] a wise [G4680] masterbuilder [G753] , I have laid [G5087] the foundation [G2310] , and [G1161] another [G243] buildeth [G2026] thereon. But [G1161] let [G991] every man [G1538] take heed [G991] how [G4459] he buildeth [G2026] thereupon.

3:11 For [G1063] other [G243] foundation [G2310] can [G1410] no man [G3762] lay [G5087] than [G3844] that is laid [G2749] , which [G3739] is [G2076] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] .

3:12 Now [G1161] if any man [G1536] build [G2026] upon [G1909] this [G5126] foundation [G2310] gold [G5557] , silver [G696] , precious [G5093] stones [G3037] , wood [G3586] , hay [G5528] , stubble [G2562] ;

3:13 Every man's [G1538] work [G2041] shall be made [G1096] manifest [G5318] : for [G1063] the day [G2250] shall declare [G1213] it, because [G3754] it shall be revealed [G601] by [G1722] fire [G4442] ; and [G2532] the fire [G4442] shall try [G1381] every man's [G1538] work [G2041] of what sort [G3697] it is [G2076] .(it shall be: Gr. it is)

3:14 If any man's [G1536] work [G2041] abide [G3306] which [G3739] he hath built [G2026] thereupon, he shall receive [G2983] a reward [G3408] .

3:15 If any man's [G1536] work [G2041] shall be burned [G2618] , he shall suffer loss [G2210] : but [G1161] he himself [G846] shall be saved [G4982] ; yet [G1161] so [G3779] as [G5613] by [G1223] fire [G4442] .

3:16 Know ye [G1492] not [G3756] that [G3754] ye are [G2075] the temple [G3485] of God [G2316] , and [G2532] [that] the Spirit [G4151] of God [G2316] dwelleth [G3611] in [G1722] you [G5213] ?

3:17 If any man [G1536] defile [G5351] the temple [G3485] of God [G2316] , him [G5126] shall [G5351] God [G2316] destroy [G5351] ; for [G1063] the temple [G3485] of God [G2316] is [G2076] holy [G40] , which [G3748] [temple] ye [G5210] are [G2075] .(defile: or, destroy)

3:18 Let [G1818] no man [G3367] deceive [G1818] himself [G1438] . If any man [G1536] among [G1722] you [G5213] seemeth [G1380] to be [G1511] wise [G4680] in [G1722] this [G5129] world [G165] , let him become [G1096] a fool [G3474] , that [G2443] he may be [G1096] wise [G4680] .

3:19 For [G1063] the wisdom [G4678] of this [G5127] world [G2889] is [G2076] foolishness [G3472] with [G3844] God [G2316] . For [G1063] it is written [G1125] , He taketh [G1405] the wise [G4680] in [G1722] their own [G846] craftiness [G3834] .

3:20 And [G2532] again [G3825] , The Lord [G2962] knoweth [G1097] the thoughts [G1261] of the wise [G4680] , that [G3754] they are [G1526] vain [G3152] .

3:21 Therefore [G5620] let [G2744] no man [G3367] glory [G2744] in [G1722] men [G444] . For [G1063] all things [G3956] are [G2076] yours [G5216] ;

3:22 Whether [G1535] Paul [G3972] , or [G1535] Apollos [G625] , or [G1535] Cephas [G2786] , or [G1535] the world [G2889] , or [G1535] life [G2222] , or [G1535] death [G2288] , or [G1535] things present [G1764] , or [G1535] things to come [G3195] ; all [G3956] are [G2076] yours [G5216] ;

3:23 And [G1161] ye [G5210] are Christ's [G5547] ; and [G1161] Christ [G5547] [is] God's [G2316] .