KJV 1COR16 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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16:1 Now [G1161] concerning [G4012] the collection [G3048] for [G1519] the saints [G40] , as [G5618] I have given order [G1299] to the churches [G1577] of Galatia [G1053] , even [G2532] so [G3779] do [G4160] ye [G5210] .

16:2 Upon [G2596] the first [G3391] [day] of the week [G4521] let [G5087] every one [G1538] of you [G5216] lay [G5087] by [G3844] him [G1438] in store [G2343] , as [G3748] [G302] [God] hath prospered him [G2137] , that [G3363] there be [G1096] no [G3363] gatherings [G3048] [G5119] when [G3752] I come [G2064] .

16:3 And [G1161] when [G3752] I come [G3854] , whomsoever [G3739] [G1437] ye shall approve [G1381] by [G1223] [your] letters [G1992] , them [G5128] will I send [G3992] to bring [G667] your [G5216] liberality [G5485] unto [G1519] Jerusalem [G2419] .(liberality: Gr. gift)

16:4 And [G1161] if [G1437] it be [G5600] meet [G514] that I go [G4198] also [G2504] , they shall go [G4198] with [G4862] me [G1698] .

16:5 Now [G1161] I will come [G2064] unto [G4314] you [G5209] , when [G3752] I shall pass through [G1330] Macedonia [G3109] : for [G1063] I do pass through [G1330] Macedonia [G3109] .

16:6 And [G1161] it may be [G5177] that I will abide [G3887] , yea [G2228] , and [G2532] winter [G3914] with [G4314] you [G5209] , that [G2443] ye [G5210] may bring [G4311] me [G3165] on my journey [G4311] whithersoever [G3757] [G1437] I go [G4198] .

16:7 For [G1063] I will [G2309] not [G3756] see [G1492] you [G5209] now [G737] by [G1722] the way [G3938] ; but [G1161] I trust [G1679] to tarry [G1961] a while [G5100] [G5550] with [G4314] you [G5209] , if [G1437] the Lord [G2962] permit [G2010] .

16:8 But [G1161] I will tarry [G1961] at [G1722] Ephesus [G2181] until [G2193] Pentecost [G4005] .

16:9 For [G1063] a great [G3173] door [G2374] and [G2532] effectual [G1756] is opened [G455] unto me [G3427] , and [G2532] [there are] many [G4183] adversaries [G480] .

16:10 Now [G1161] if [G1437] Timotheus [G5095] come [G2064] , see [G991] that [G2443] he may be [G1096] with [G4314] you [G5209] without fear [G870] : for [G1063] he worketh [G2038] the work [G2041] of the Lord [G2962] , as [G5613] I [G1473] also [G2532] [do].

16:11 Let [G1848] no [G3361] man [G5100] therefore [G3767] despise [G1848] him [G846] : but [G1161] conduct [G4311] him [G846] forth [G4311] in [G1722] peace [G1515] , that [G2443] he may come [G2064] unto [G4314] me [G3165] : for [G1063] I look for [G1551] him [G846] with [G3326] the brethren [G80] .

16:12 As [G1161] touching [G4012] [our] brother [G80] Apollos [G625] , I [G3870] greatly [G4183] desired [G3870] him [G846] to [G2443] come [G2064] unto [G4314] you [G5209] with [G3326] the brethren [G80] : but [G2532] his will [G2307] was [G2258] not [G3756] at all [G3843] to [G2443] come [G2064] at this [G3568] time; but [G1161] he will come [G2064] when [G3752] he shall have convenient time [G2119] .

16:13 Watch ye [G1127] , stand fast [G4739] in [G1722] the faith [G4102] , quit you like men [G407] , be strong [G2901] .

16:14 Let [G1096] all [G3956] your [G5216] things [G3956] be done [G1096] with [G1722] charity [G26] .

16:15 [G1161] I beseech [G3870] you [G5209] , brethren [G80] , (ye know [G1492] the house [G3614] of Stephanas [G4734] , that [G3754] it is [G2076] the firstfruits [G536] of Achaia [G882] , and [G2532] [that] they have addicted [G5021] themselves [G1438] to [G1519] the ministry [G1248] of the saints [G40] ,)

16:16 [G2532] That [G2443] ye [G5210] submit yourselves [G5293] unto such [G5108] , and [G2532] to every one [G3956] that helpeth [G4903] with [us], and [G2532] laboureth [G2872] .

16:17 [G1161] I am glad [G5463] of [G1909] the coming [G3952] of Stephanas [G4734] and [G2532] Fortunatus [G5415] and [G2532] Achaicus [G883] : for that [G3754] which was lacking [G5303] on your part [G5216] they [G3778] have supplied [G378] .

16:18 For [G1063] they have refreshed [G373] my [G1699] spirit [G4151] and [G2532] yours [G5216] : therefore [G3767] acknowledge ye [G1921] them that are such [G5108] .

16:19 The churches [G1577] of Asia [G773] salute [G782] you [G5209] . Aquila [G207] and [G2532] Priscilla [G4252] salute [G782] you [G5209] much [G4183] in [G1722] the Lord [G2962] , with [G4862] the church [G1577] that is in [G2596] their [G846] house [G3624] .

16:20 All [G3956] the brethren [G80] greet [G782] you [G5209] . Greet ye [G782] one another [G240] with [G1722] an holy [G40] kiss [G5370] .

16:21 The salutation [G783] of [me] Paul [G3972] with mine own [G1699] hand [G5495] .

16:22 If any man [G1536] love [G5368] not [G3756] the Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] , let him be [G2277] Anathema [G331] Maranatha [G3134] .

16:23 The grace [G5485] of our Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] [be] with [G3326] you [G5216] .

16:24 My [G3450] love [G26] [be] with [G3326] you [G5216] all [G3956] in [G1722] Christ [G5547] Jesus [G2424] . Amen [G281] . {The first [G4413] epistle to [G4314] the Corinthians [G2881] was written [G1125] from [G575] Philippi [G5375] by [G1223] Stephanas [G4734] and [G2532] Fortunatus [G5415] and [G2532] Achaicus [G883] and [G2532] Timotheus [G5095] .}