KJV 1COR14 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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14:1 Follow [G1377] after charity [G26] , and [G1161] desire [G2206] spiritual [G4152] [gifts], but [G1161] rather [G3123] that [G2443] ye may prophesy [G4395] .

14:2 For [G1063] he that speaketh [G2980] in an [unknown] tongue [G1100] speaketh [G2980] not [G3756] unto men [G444] , but [G235] unto God [G2316] : for [G1063] no man [G3762] understandeth [G191] [him]; howbeit [G1161] in the spirit [G4151] he speaketh [G2980] mysteries [G3466] .(understandeth: Gr. heareth)

14:3 But [G1161] he that prophesieth [G4395] speaketh [G2980] unto men [G444] [to] edification [G3619] , and [G2532] exhortation [G3874] , and [G2532] comfort [G3889] .

14:4 He that speaketh [G2980] in an [unknown] tongue [G1100] edifieth [G3618] himself [G1438] ; but [G1161] he that prophesieth [G4395] edifieth [G3618] the church [G1577] .

14:5 [G1161] I would [G2309] that ye [G5209] all [G3956] spake [G2980] with tongues [G1100] , but [G1161] rather [G3123] that [G2443] ye prophesied [G4395] : for [G1063] greater [G3187] [is] he that prophesieth [G4395] than [G2228] he that speaketh [G2980] with tongues [G1100] , except [G1622] [G1508] he interpret [G1329] , that [G2443] the church [G1577] may receive [G2983] edifying [G3619] .

14:6 [G1161] Now [G3570] , brethren [G80] , if [G1437] I come [G2064] unto [G4314] you [G5209] speaking [G2980] with tongues [G1100] , what [G5101] shall I profit [G5623] you [G5209] , except [G3362] I shall speak [G2980] to you [G5213] either [G2228] by [G1722] revelation [G602] , or [G2228] by [G1722] knowledge [G1108] , or [G2228] by [G1722] prophesying [G4394] , or [G2228] by [G1722] doctrine [G1322] ?

14:7 And even [G3676] things without life [G895] giving [G1325] sound [G5456] , whether [G1535] pipe [G836] or [G1535] harp [G2788] , except [G3362] they give [G1325] a distinction [G1293] in the sounds [G5353] , how [G4459] shall it be known [G1097] what is piped [G832] or [G2228] harped [G2789] ?(sounds: or, tunes)

14:8 For [G1063] [G2532] if [G1437] the trumpet [G4536] give [G1325] an uncertain [G82] sound [G5456] , who [G5101] shall prepare himself [G3903] to [G1519] the battle [G4171] ?

14:9 So [G3779] likewise [G2532] ye [G5210] , except [G3362] ye utter [G1325] by [G1223] the tongue [G1100] words [G3056] easy to be understood [G2154] , how [G4459] shall it be known [G1097] what is spoken [G2980] ? for [G1063] ye shall [G2071] speak [G2980] into [G1519] the air [G109] .(easy: Gr. significant)

14:10 [G1487] There are [G2076] , it may be [G5177] , so many [G5118] kinds [G1085] of voices [G5456] in [G1722] the world [G2889] , and [G2532] none of them [G3762] [is] without signification [G880] [G846] .

14:11 Therefore [G3767] if [G3362] I know [G1492] not [G3362] the meaning [G1411] of the voice [G5456] , I shall be [G2071] unto him that speaketh [G2980] a barbarian [G915] , and [G2532] he that speaketh [G2980] [shall be] a barbarian [G915] unto [G1722] me [G1698] .

14:12 Even [G2532] so [G3779] ye [G5210] , forasmuch as [G1893] ye are [G2075] zealous [G2207] of spiritual [G4151] [gifts], seek [G2212] that [G2443] ye may excel [G4052] to [G4314] the edifying [G3619] of the church [G1577] .(of spiritual gifts: Gr. of spirits)

14:13 Wherefore [G1355] let him that speaketh [G2980] in an [unknown] tongue [G1100] pray [G4336] that [G2443] he may interpret [G1329] .

14:14 For [G1063] if [G1437] I pray [G4336] in an [unknown] tongue [G1100] , my [G3450] spirit [G4151] prayeth [G4336] , but [G1161] my [G3450] understanding [G3563] is [G2076] unfruitful [G175] .

14:15 What [G5101] is it [G2076] then [G3767] ? I will pray [G4336] with the spirit [G4151] , and [G1161] I will pray [G4336] with the understanding [G3563] also [G2532] : I will sing [G5567] with the spirit [G4151] , and [G1161] I will sing [G5567] with the understanding [G3563] also [G2532] .

14:16 Else [G1893] when [G1437] thou shalt bless [G2127] with the spirit [G4151] , how [G4459] shall he that occupieth [G378] the room [G5117] of the unlearned [G2399] say [G2046] Amen [G281] at [G1909] thy [G4674] giving of thanks [G2169] , seeing [G1894] he understandeth [G1492] not [G3756] what [G5101] thou sayest [G3004] ?

14:17 For [G1063] thou [G4771] verily [G3303] givest thanks [G2168] well [G2573] , but [G235] the other [G2087] is [G3618] not [G3756] edified [G3618] .

14:18 I thank [G2168] my [G3450] God [G2316] , I speak [G2980] with tongues [G1100] more than [G3123] ye [G5216] all [G3956] :

14:19 Yet [G235] in [G1722] the church [G1577] I had rather [G2309] speak [G2980] five [G4002] words [G3056] with [G1223] my [G3450] understanding [G3563] , that [G2443] [by my voice] I might teach [G2727] others [G243] also [G2532] , than [G2228] ten thousand [G3463] words [G3056] in [G1722] an [unknown] tongue [G1100] .

14:20 Brethren [G80] , be [G1096] not [G3361] children [G3813] in understanding [G5424] : howbeit [G235] in malice [G2549] be ye children [G3515] , but [G1161] in understanding [G5424] be [G1096] men [G5046] .(men: Gr. perfect, or, of a ripe age)

14:21 In [G1722] the law [G3551] it is written [G1125] , [G3754] With [G1722] [men of] other tongues [G2084] and [G2532] other [G1722] [G2087] lips [G5491] will I speak [G2980] unto this [G5129] people [G2992] ; and [G2532] yet for all [G3779] that will they [G1522] not [G3761] hear [G1522] me [G3450] , saith [G3004] the Lord [G2962] .

14:22 Wherefore [G5620] tongues [G1100] are [G1526] for [G1519] a sign [G4592] , not [G3756] to them that believe [G4100] , but [G235] to them that believe not [G571] : but [G1161] prophesying [G4394] [serveth] not [G3756] for them that believe not [G571] , but [G235] for them which believe [G4100] .

14:23 If [G1437] therefore [G3767] the whole [G3650] church [G1577] be come together [G4905] into [G1909] one place [G846] , and [G2532] all [G3956] speak [G2980] with tongues [G1100] , and [G1161] there come in [G1525] [those that are] unlearned [G2399] , or [G2228] unbelievers [G571] , will they [G2046] not [G3756] say [G2046] that [G3754] ye are mad [G3105] ?

14:24 But [G1161] if [G1437] all [G3956] prophesy [G4395] , and [G1161] there come in [G1525] one [G5100] that believeth not [G571] , or [G2228] [one] unlearned [G2399] , he is convinced [G1651] of [G5259] all [G3956] , he is judged [G350] of [G5259] all [G3956] :

14:25 And [G2532] thus [G3779] are [G1096] the secrets [G2927] of his [G846] heart [G2588] made [G1096] manifest [G5318] ; and [G2532] so [G3779] falling down [G4098] on [G1909] [his] face [G4383] he will worship [G4352] God [G2316] , and report [G518] that [G3754] God [G2316] is [G2076] in [G1722] you [G5213] of a truth [G3689] .

14:26 How [G5101] is it [G2076] then [G3767] , brethren [G80] ? when [G3752] ye come together [G4905] , every one [G1538] of you [G5216] hath [G2192] a psalm [G5568] , hath [G2192] a doctrine [G1322] , hath [G2192] a tongue [G1100] , hath [G2192] a revelation [G602] , hath [G2192] an interpretation [G2058] . Let [G1096] all things [G3956] be done [G1096] unto [G4314] edifying [G3619] .

14:27 If [G1535] any man [G5100] speak [G2980] in an [unknown] tongue [G1100] , [let it be] by [G2596] two [G1417] , or [G2228] at the most [G4118] [by] three [G5140] , and [G2532] [that] by [G303] course [G3313] ; and [G2532] let [G1329] one [G1520] interpret [G1329] .(two: by two or three sentences separately)

14:28 But [G1161] if [G3362] there be [G5600] no [G3362] interpreter [G1328] , let him keep silence [G4601] in [G1722] the church [G1577] ; and [G1161] let him speak [G2980] to himself [G1438] , and [G2532] to God [G2316] .

14:29 [G1161] Let [G2980] the prophets [G4396] speak [G2980] two [G1417] or [G2228] three [G5140] , and [G2532] let [G1252] the other [G243] judge [G1252] .

14:30 If [G1161] [G1437] [any thing] be revealed [G601] to another [G243] that sitteth by [G2521] , let [G4601] the first [G4413] hold his peace [G4601] .

14:31 For [G1063] ye may [G1410] all [G3956] prophesy [G4395] one by one [G2596] [G1520] , that [G2443] all [G3956] may learn [G3129] , and [G2532] all [G3956] may be comforted [G3870] .

14:32 And [G2532] the spirits [G4151] of the prophets [G4396] are subject [G5293] to the prophets [G4396] .

14:33 For [G1063] God [G2316] is [G2076] not [G3756] [the author] of confusion [G181] , but [G235] of peace [G1515] , as [G5613] in [G1722] all [G3956] churches [G1577] of the saints [G40] .(confusion: Gr. tumult, or, unquietness)

14:34 Let [G4601] your [G5216] women [G1135] keep silence [G4601] in [G1722] the churches [G1577] : for [G1063] it is [G2010] not [G3756] permitted [G2010] unto them [G846] to speak [G2980] ; but [G235] [they are commanded] to be under obedience [G5293] , as [G2531] also [G2532] saith [G3004] the law [G3551] .

14:35 And [G1161] if [G1487] they will [G2309] learn [G3129] any thing [G5100] , let them ask [G1905] their [G2398] husbands [G435] at [G1722] home [G3624] : for [G1063] it is [G2076] a shame [G149] for women [G1135] to speak [G2980] in [G1722] the church [G1577] .

14:36 What [G2228] ? came [G1831] the word [G3056] of God [G2316] out [G1831] from [G575] you [G5216] ? or [G2228] came it [G2658] unto [G1519] you [G5209] only [G3441] ?

14:37 If any man [G1536] think himself [G1380] to be [G1511] a prophet [G4396] , or [G2228] spiritual [G4152] , let him acknowledge [G1921] that [G3754] the things [G3739] that I write [G1125] unto you [G5213] are [G1526] the commandments [G1785] of the Lord [G2962] .

14:38 But [G1161] if any man [G1536] be ignorant [G50] , let him be ignorant [G50] .

14:39 Wherefore [G5620] , brethren [G80] , covet [G2206] to prophesy [G4395] , and [G2532] forbid [G2967] not [G3361] to speak [G2980] with tongues [G1100] .

14:40 Let [G1096] all things [G3956] be done [G1096] decently [G2156] and [G2532] in [G2596] order [G5010] .