KJV 1CHR8 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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8:1 Now Benjamin [H1144] begat [H3205] Bela [H1106] his firstborn [H1060] , Ashbel [H788] the second [H8145] , and Aharah [H315] the third [H7992] ,

8:2 Nohah [H5119] the fourth [H7243] , and Rapha [H7498] the fifth [H2549] .

8:3 And the sons [H1121] of Bela [H1106] were, Addar [H146] , and Gera [H1617] , and Abihud [H31] ,(Addar: or, Ard.Gen.26.21)

8:4 And Abishua [H50] , and Naaman [H5283] , and Ahoah [H265] ,

8:5 And Gera [H1617] , and Shephuphan [H8197] , and Huram [H2361] .(Shephuphan: or, Shupham.Num.26.39)

8:6 And these [are] the sons [H1121] of Ehud [H261] : these are the heads [H7218] of the fathers [H1] of the inhabitants [H3427] of Geba [H1387] , and they removed [H1540] them to Manahath [H4506] :

8:7 And Naaman [H5283] , and Ahiah [H281] , and Gera [H1617] , he removed [H1540] them, and begat [H3205] Uzza [H5798] , and Ahihud [H284] .

8:8 And Shaharaim [H7842] begat [H3205] [children] in the country [H7704] of Moab [H4124] , after [H4480] he had sent them away [H7971] ; Hushim [H2366] and Baara [H1199] [were] his wives [H802] .

8:9 And he begat [H3205] of Hodesh [H2321] his wife [H802] , Jobab [H3103] , and Zibia [H6644] , and Mesha [H4331] , and Malcham [H4445] ,

8:10 And Jeuz [H3263] , and Shachia [H7634] , and Mirma [H4821] . These [were] his sons [H1121] , heads [H7218] of the fathers [H1] .

8:11 And of Hushim [H2366] he begat [H3205] Abitub [H36] , and Elpaal [H508] .

8:12 The sons [H1121] of Elpaal [H508] ; Eber [H5677] , and Misham [H4936] , and Shamed [H8106] , who built [H1129] Ono [H207] , and Lod [H3850] , with the towns [H1323] thereof:

8:13 Beriah [H1283] also, and Shema [H8087] , who [H1992] [were] heads [H7218] of the fathers [H1] of the inhabitants [H3427] of Aijalon [H357] , who drove away [H1272] the inhabitants [H3427] of Gath [H1661] :

8:14 And Ahio [H283] , Shashak [H8349] , and Jeremoth [H3406] ,

8:15 And Zebadiah [H2069] , and Arad [H6166] , and Ader [H5738] ,

8:16 And Michael [H4317] , and Ispah [H3472] , and Joha [H3109] , the sons [H1121] of Beriah [H1283] ;

8:17 And Zebadiah [H2069] , and Meshullam [H4918] , and Hezeki [H2395] , and Heber [H2268] ,

8:18 Ishmerai [H3461] also, and Jezliah [H3152] , and Jobab [H3103] , the sons [H1121] of Elpaal [H508] ;

8:19 And Jakim [H3356] , and Zichri [H2147] , and Zabdi [H2067] ,

8:20 And Elienai [H462] , and Zilthai [H6769] , and Eliel [H447] ,

8:21 And Adaiah [H5718] , and Beraiah [H1256] , and Shimrath [H8119] , the sons [H1121] of Shimhi [H8096] ;(Shimhi: or, Shema.vers.13)

8:22 And Ishpan [H3473] , and Heber [H5677] , and Eliel [H447] ,

8:23 And Abdon [H5658] , and Zichri [H2147] , and Hanan [H2605] ,

8:24 And Hananiah [H2608] , and Elam [H5867] , and Antothijah [H6070] ,

8:25 And Iphedeiah [H3301] , and Penuel [H6439] , the sons [H1121] of Shashak [H8349] ;

8:26 And Shamsherai [H8125] , and Shehariah [H7841] , and Athaliah [H6271] ,

8:27 And Jaresiah [H3298] , and Eliah [H452] , and Zichri [H2147] , the sons [H1121] of Jeroham [H3395] .

8:28 These [were] heads [H7218] of the fathers [H1] , by their generations [H8435] , chief [H7218] [men]. These dwelt [H3427] in Jerusalem [H3389] .

8:29 And at Gibeon [H1391] dwelt [H3427] the father [H1] of Gibeon [H1391] [H25] ; whose wife's [H802] name [H8034] [was] Maachah [H4601] :(father: called Jehiel,IChro.9.35)

8:30 And his firstborn [H1060] son [H1121] Abdon [H5658] , and Zur [H6698] , and Kish [H7027] , and Baal [H1168] , and Nadab [H5070] ,

8:31 And Gedor [H1446] , and Ahio [H283] , and Zacher [H2144] .(Zacher: or, Zechariah.IChr.9.37)

8:32 And Mikloth [H4732] begat [H3205] Shimeah [H8039] . And these also [H637] dwelt [H3427] with their brethren [H251] in Jerusalem [H3389] , over against them [H5048] .(Shimeah: or, Shimeam.ca.9.38, I.Sam.14.51)

8:33 And Ner [H5369] begat [H3205] Kish [H7027] , and Kish [H7027] begat [H3205] Saul [H7586] , and Saul [H7586] begat [H3205] Jonathan [H3083] , and Malchishua [H4444] , and Abinadab [H41] , and Eshbaal [H792] .(Eshbaal: or, Ishbosheth 2.Sam.2.8)

8:34 And the son [H1121] of Jonathan [H3083] [was] Meribbaal [H4807] ; and Meribbaal [H4807] begat [H3205] Micah [H4318] .(Meribbaal: or, Mephibosheth.2.Sam.4.4)

8:35 And the sons [H1121] of Micah [H4318] [were], Pithon [H6377] , and Melech [H4429] , and Tarea [H8390] , and Ahaz [H271] .(Tarea: or, Tahrea.e.9.41)

8:36 And Ahaz [H271] begat [H3205] Jehoadah [H3085] ; and Jehoadah [H3085] begat [H3205] Alemeth [H5964] , and Azmaveth [H5820] , and Zimri [H2174] ; and Zimri [H2174] begat [H3205] Moza [H4162] ,

8:37 And Moza [H4162] begat [H3205] Binea [H1150] : Rapha [H7498] [was] his son [H1121] , Eleasah [H501] his son [H1121] , Azel [H682] his son [H1121] :

8:38 And Azel [H682] had six [H8337] sons [H1121] , whose names [H8034] [are] these, Azrikam [H5840] , Bocheru [H1074] , and Ishmael [H3458] , and Sheariah [H8187] , and Obadiah [H5662] , and Hanan [H2605] . All these [were] the sons [H1121] of Azel [H682] .

8:39 And the sons [H1121] of Eshek [H6232] his brother [H251] [were], Ulam [H198] his firstborn [H1060] , Jehush [H3266] the second [H8145] , and Eliphelet [H467] the third [H7992] .

8:40 And the sons [H1121] of Ulam [H198] were mighty [H1368] men [H582] of valour [H2428] , archers [H1869] [H7198] , and had many [H7235] sons [H1121] , and sons' [H1121] sons [H1121] , an hundred [H3967] and fifty [H2572] . All these [are] of the sons [H1121] of Benjamin [H1144] .