KJV 1CHR24 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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24:1 Now [these are] the divisions [H4256] of the sons [H1121] of Aaron [H175] . The sons [H1121] of Aaron [H175] ; Nadab [H5070] , and Abihu [H30] , Eleazar [H499] , and Ithamar [H385] .

24:2 But Nadab [H5070] and Abihu [H30] died [H4191] before [H6440] their father [H1] , and had no children [H1121] : therefore Eleazar [H499] and Ithamar [H385] executed the priest's office [H3547] .

24:3 And David [H1732] distributed [H2505] them, both Zadok [H6659] of the sons [H1121] of Eleazar [H499] , and Ahimelech [H288] of the sons [H1121] of Ithamar [H385] , according to their offices [H6486] in their service [H5656] .

24:4 And there were more [H7227] chief [H7218] men [H1397] found [H4672] of the sons [H1121] of Eleazar [H499] than of the sons [H1121] of Ithamar [H385] ; and [thus] were they divided [H2505] . Among the sons [H1121] of Eleazar [H499] [there were] sixteen [H8337] [H6240] chief men [H7218] of the house [H1004] of [their] fathers [H1] , and eight [H8083] among the sons [H1121] of Ithamar [H385] according to the house [H1004] of their fathers [H1] .

24:5 Thus were they divided [H2505] by lot [H1486] , one sort [H428] with another [H428] ; for the governors [H8269] of the sanctuary [H6944] , and governors [H8269] [of the house] of God [H430] , were of the sons [H1121] of Eleazar [H499] , and of the sons [H1121] of Ithamar [H385] .

24:6 And Shemaiah [H8098] the son [H1121] of Nethaneel [H5417] the scribe [H5608] , [one] of the Levites [H3881] , wrote [H3789] them before [H6440] the king [H4428] , and the princes [H8269] , and Zadok [H6659] the priest [H3548] , and Ahimelech [H288] the son [H1121] of Abiathar [H54] , and [before] the chief [H7218] of the fathers [H1] of the priests [H3548] and Levites [H3881] : one [H259] principal [H1] household [H1004] being taken [H270] for Eleazar [H499] , and [one] taken [H270] for Ithamar [H385] .(principal: Heb. house of the father)

24:7 Now the first [H7223] lot [H1486] came forth [H3318] to Jehoiarib [H3080] , the second [H8145] to Jedaiah [H3048] ,

24:8 The third [H7992] to Harim [H2766] , the fourth [H7243] to Seorim [H8188] ,

24:9 The fifth [H2549] to Malchijah [H4441] , the sixth [heb8345] to Mijamin [H4326] ,

24:10 The seventh [H7637] to Hakkoz [H6976] , the eighth [H8066] to Abijah [H29] ,

24:11 The ninth [H8671] to Jeshua [H3442] , the tenth [H6224] to Shecaniah [H7935] ,

24:12 The eleventh [H6249] [H6240] to Eliashib [H475] , the twelfth [H8147] [H6240] to Jakim [H3356] ,

24:13 The thirteenth [H7969] [H6240] to Huppah [H2647] , the fourteenth [H702] [H6240] to Jeshebeab [H3428] ,

24:14 The fifteenth [H2568] [H6240] to Bilgah [H1083] , the sixteenth [H8337] [H6240] to Immer [H564] ,

24:15 The seventeenth [H7651] [H6240] to Hezir [H2387] , the eighteenth [H8083] [H6240] to Aphses [H6483] ,

24:16 The nineteenth [H8672] [H6240] to Pethahiah [H6611] , the twentieth [H6242] to Jehezekel [H3168] ,

24:17 The one [H259] and twentieth [H6242] to Jachin [H3199] , the two [H8147] and twentieth [H6242] to Gamul [H1577] ,

24:18 The three [H7969] and twentieth [H6242] to Delaiah [H1806] , the four [H702] and twentieth [H6242] to Maaziah [H4590] .

24:19 These [were] the orderings [H6486] of them in their service [H5656] to come [H935] into the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , according to their manner [H4941] , under [H3027] Aaron [H175] their father [H1] , as the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] had commanded [H6680] him.

24:20 And the rest [H3498] of the sons [H1121] of Levi [H3878] [were these]: Of the sons [H1121] of Amram [H6019] ; Shubael [H7619] : of the sons [H1121] of Shubael [H7619] ; Jehdeiah [H3165] .

24:21 Concerning Rehabiah [H7345] : of the sons [H1121] of Rehabiah [H7345] , the first [H7218] [was] Isshiah [H3449] .

24:22 Of the Izharites [H3325] ; Shelomoth [H8013] : of the sons [H1121] of Shelomoth [H8013] ; Jahath [H3189] .

24:23 And the sons [H1121] [of Hebron]; Jeriah [H3404] [the first], Amariah [H568] the second [H8145] , Jahaziel [H3166] the third [H7992] , Jekameam [H3360] the fourth [H7243] .

24:24 [Of] the sons [H1121] of Uzziel [H5816] ; Michah [H4318] : of the sons [H1121] of Michah [H4318] ; Shamir [H8053] .

24:25 The brother [H251] of Michah [H4318] [was] Isshiah [H3449] : of the sons [H1121] of Isshiah [H3449] ; Zechariah [H2148] .

24:26 The sons [H1121] of Merari [H4847] [were] Mahli [H4249] and Mushi [H4187] : the sons [H1121] of Jaaziah [H3269] ; Beno [H1121] .

24:27 The sons [H1121] of Merari [H4847] by Jaaziah [H3269] ; Beno [H1121] , and Shoham [H7719] , and Zaccur [H2139] , and Ibri [H5681] .

24:28 Of Mahli [H4249] [came] Eleazar [H499] , who had no sons [H1121] .

24:29 Concerning Kish [H7027] : the son [H1121] of Kish [H7027] [was] Jerahmeel [H3396] .

24:30 The sons [H1121] also of Mushi [H4187] ; Mahli [H4249] , and Eder [H5740] , and Jerimoth [H3406] . These [were] the sons [H1121] of the Levites [H3881] after the house [H1004] of their fathers [H1] .

24:31 These likewise cast [H5307] lots [H1486] over against [H5980] their brethren [H251] the sons [H1121] of Aaron [H175] in the presence [H6440] of David [H1732] the king [H4428] , and Zadok [H6659] , and Ahimelech [H288] , and the chief [H7218] of the fathers [H1] of the priests [H3548] and Levites [H3881] , even the principal [H7218] fathers [H1] over against [H5980] their younger [H6996] brethren [H251] .