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18:1 Now after this [H310] it came to pass, that David [H1732] smote [H5221] the Philistines [H6430] , and subdued [H3665] them, and took [H3947] Gath [H1661] and her towns [H1323] out of the hand [H3027] of the Philistines [H6430] .

18:2 And he smote [H5221] Moab [H4124] ; and the Moabites [H4124] became David's [H1732] servants [H5650] , [and] brought [H5375] gifts [H4503] .

18:3 And David [H1732] smote [H5221] Hadarezer [H1928] king [H4428] of Zobah [H6678] unto Hamath [H2574] , as he went [H3212] to stablish [H5324] his dominion [H3027] by the river [H5104] Euphrates [H6578] .(Hadarezer: or, Hadadezer)

18:4 And David [H1732] took [H3920] from him a thousand [H505] chariots [H7393] , and seven [H7651] thousand [H505] horsemen [H6571] , and twenty [H6242] thousand [H505] footmen [H376] [H7273] : David [H1732] also houghed [H6131] all the chariot [H7393] [horses], but reserved [H3498] of them an hundred [H3967] chariots [H7393] .(seven: or, seven hundred)

18:5 And when the Syrians [H758] of Damascus [H1834] came [H935] to help [H5826] Hadarezer [H1928] king [H4428] of Zobah [H6678] , David [H1732] slew [H5221] of the Syrians [H758] two [H8147] and twenty [H6242] thousand [H505] men [H376] .(Damascus: Heb. Darmesek)

18:6 Then David [H1732] put [H7760] [garrisons] in Syriadamascus [H758] [H1834] ; and the Syrians [H758] became David's [H1732] servants [H5650] , [and] brought [H5375] gifts [H4503] . Thus the LORD [H3068] preserved [H3467] David [H1732] whithersoever he went [H1980] .

18:7 And David [H1732] took [H3947] the shields [H7982] of gold [H2091] that were on the servants [H5650] of Hadarezer [H1928] , and brought [H935] them to Jerusalem [H3389] .

18:8 Likewise from Tibhath [H2880] , and from Chun [H3560] , cities [H5892] of Hadarezer [H1928] , brought [H3947] David [H1732] very [H3966] much [H7227] brass [H5178] , wherewith Solomon [H8010] made [H6213] the brasen [H5178] sea [H3220] , and the pillars [H5982] , and the vessels [H3627] of brass [H5178] .(Tibhath: called in the book of Samuel Betah, and Berothai)

18:9 Now when Tou [H8583] king [H4428] of Hamath [H2574] heard [H8085] how David [H1732] had smitten [H5221] all the host [H2428] of Hadarezer [H1928] king [H4428] of Zobah [H6678] ;(Tou: also called, Toi)

18:10 He sent [H7971] Hadoram [H1913] his son [H1121] to king [H4428] David [H1732] , to enquire [H7592] of his welfare [H7965] , and to congratulate [H1288] him, because he had fought [H3898] against Hadarezer [H1928] , and smitten [H5221] him; (for Hadarezer [H1928] had war [H376] [H4421] with Tou [H8583] ;) and [with him] all manner of vessels [H3627] of gold [H2091] and silver [H3701] and brass [H5178] .(Hadoram: also called, Joram)(to enquire: or, to salute)(to congratulate: Heb. to bless)(had war: Heb. was the man of wars)

18:11 Them also king [H4428] David [H1732] dedicated [H6942] unto the LORD [H3068] , with the silver [H3701] and the gold [H2091] that he brought [H5375] from all [these] nations [H1471] ; from Edom [H123] , and from Moab [H4124] , and from the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] , and from the Philistines [H6430] , and from Amalek [H6002] .

18:12 Moreover Abishai [H52] the son [H1121] of Zeruiah [H6870] slew [H5221] of the Edomites [H123] in the valley [H1516] of salt [H4417] eighteen [H8083] [H6240] thousand [H505] .(Abishai: Heb. Abshai)

18:13 And he put [H7760] garrisons [H5333] in Edom [H123] ; and all the Edomites [H123] became David's [H1732] servants [H5650] . Thus the LORD [H3068] preserved [H3467] David [H1732] whithersoever he went [H1980] .

18:14 So David [H1732] reigned [H4427] over all Israel [H3478] , and executed [H6213] judgment [H4941] and justice [H6666] among all his people [H5971] .

18:15 And Joab [H3097] the son [H1121] of Zeruiah [H6870] [was] over the host [H6635] ; and Jehoshaphat [H3092] the son [H1121] of Ahilud [H286] , recorder [H2142] .(recorder: or, remembrancer)

18:16 And Zadok [H6659] the son [H1121] of Ahitub [H285] , and Abimelech [H40] the son [H1121] of Abiathar [H54] , [were] the priests [H3548] ; and Shavsha [H7798] was scribe [H5608] ;(Abimelech: called Ahimelech Sam.)(Shavsha: called Seraiah in Sam. and Shisha, I.King.4.2.)

18:17 And Benaiah [H1141] the son [H1121] of Jehoiada [H3077] [was] over the Cherethites [H3774] and the Pelethites [H6432] ; and the sons [H1121] of David [H1732] [were] chief [H7223] about [H3027] the king [H4428] .(about: Heb. at the hand of the king)