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He shall drink of the brook in the way: therefore shall he lift up the head. Psalm 110:7
WE PERCEIVE that if it was necessary for our glorious Lord from the heavenly courts to drink of the brook of experience, and gain wisdom by the things he suffered, endured, and thereby to demonstrate his confidence in God, it is equally necessary that all the members of his body should likewise drink of the brook in the way if they would hope to share with the Lord in the kingdom blessings—glory, honor, and immortality, the divine nature. Our dear Master's time for drinking at the brook is past, yet the lessons and encouragements therefrom are still before us in the Scripture records. It is now our time to drink of the brook of experience—to learn the lessons that are necessary to our preparation for the kingdom. It is not enough that we have tasted of the brook of experience, that we have learned something of obedience, that we have endured some trials, that on some occasions we have learned obedience through the things we have suffered; we must continue drinking until we can gladly say, Father, thy will, not ours be done! If we drink not of the brook in the way we shall not share in the glory to follow. Z'02-13 R2936:1 (Hymn 222)