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Prepare to meet thy God. Amos 4:12
THE right way to prepare to meet God and to hear his decision respecting the character is not as usually supposed, to begin to get pious when we feel the approach of sickness or death or in the presence of calamity. From the moment we become believers in Christ and turn from sin and seek forgiveness and thus become eligible to God's favor, we are urged to present our bodies living sacrifices to him and thus to receive of him an adoption of his Spirit to fellowship. This in turn proves to be but the entrance way to the school of Christ, where they are to be taught as sons of God, to be prepared for the glorious work in association with their Redeemer in his glorious kingdom. As they grow in grace and knowledge, they grow in appreciation of divine favor. Such as are in this attitude of heart are prepared to meet their God at any time. Indeed, their meeting with him has already begun, and anything that will serve in any degree to hinder its pleasurable continuance will be a disaster indeed. Z'08-266 R4234:5 (Hymn 162)