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Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together. Hebrews 10:25
AS DAVID desired to be near to the tabernacle, close to the Lord, so we, members of the Beloved, should find ourselves longing for a closer walk with God, a nearness to his arrangement of the mercy seat, Christ Jesus. This will signify a desire to be near to the members of his body, the church, to have fellowship with them, because the condition of things is represented as being the "holy" of the tabernacle, with only a veil between this and that glorious condition beyond the veil. And is it not so that whoever desires to be near to the Lord and to those in fellowship with him, along the lines of the new nature, will give heed to the privileges of showing forth his praise by manifesting their love for the brethren and their confidence and faith in the Lord and in his light and wisdom and love? Z'08-311 R4260:5 (Hymn 329)