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If Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. Romans 8:10
FROM the divine standpoint the body is treated as dead, but the spirit, or mind, is treated as alive. It is the new creature which God recognizes, to which he purposes to give a new spirit body in due time—in the first resurrection. It is necessary that this thought be clearly fixed in our minds, in order that we may continually realize our peace toward God and his favor and sympathy toward us in Christ. If we lose sight of the fact that God regards us from the standpoint of the will, if we get to thinking of ourselves and God's estimate of us as according to the flesh, we are sure to get proportionately into darkness and confusion and discouragement. But let us not forget, on the other hand, that the spirit, or will, is counted alive because of its righteousness, because it is in harmony with God. Let us, therefore, never be slack in respect to the will, or intention, governing the conduct of our lives, but remember that any laxity will mean the proportionate loss of spiritual life. To will right is always possible to us, and nothing less than an absolutely loyal will could be acceptable to God in Christ. Z'03-171 R3203:2 (Hymn 277)