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A copy of the Chicago Daily Tribune recently came to my notice containing articles, the object of which was an attack upon the Association and especially upon Pastor Russell. Among other points of attack was Miracle Wheat, and thinking that some information on the subject might be of value to you in meeting this attack, I enclose herewith picture and data relative to a field of Miracle Wheat I grew last year. This picture, among thousands of others of the best fields raised in the State, was sent to the Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture, J. C. Mohler. From this collection was to be chosen the one which would represent the State at the World's Fair, which convenes February 20th.

Now the judges in this matter did not know that this was Miracle Wheat, hence they had nothing to bias their decision. So Miracle Wheat received the award.

I grew 70 acres of this wheat and planted and cared for it in the regular, ordinary way, and had no trouble in disposing of it to my neighbor wheat-growers last fall for seed, at $2 per bushel.

In this section of the country we have to sow more to the acre than in some localities, hence we could not follow the 20 lb. to the acre rate of seeding, but some we seeded at the rate of 1/2 bu. and some at the rate of 3/4 bu. per acre, and we found the three pecks to be the better. If we were going to sow again we would sow rather more than this.

My field yielded 49 bu. to the acre—more than twice the average yield of wheat in this vicinity and in many instances more than three times as much. If this information is of any value to you or any of the friends who may have charge of the matter of setting these things straight before the public, I am thankful for the opportunity to furnish the same. With Christian love and best regards, I am

Your brother and fellow-servant, W. A. JARRETT.




On Sunday, the 13th inst., we completed the first seven days at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Two Sundays are included, as we have no presentation on Mondays. The following are the figures:

Attendance. of Scenarios
First seven days Opera House...... 19,767 967
First seven days Royal Albert Hall 24,192 1,066

We count it a privilege indeed to be enabled to send reports of the Lord's work here that are an encouragement to you, and to our beloved colaborers in the U.S.A. All the [R5649 : page 79] time we are mindful of the great blessings which have come to us through you, His honored servant, and the great incentive we have received from time to time by the noble example of our dear brethren laboring by your side. It will probably never be our privilege to witness to eight millions, as in America; in fact, so far as London is concerned, the witness seems to be drawing to a close for lack of funds, although we have not as yet reached a half million of its population—only some 403,000. We are truly thankful for the opportunities which have been granted us, however, and realize that these are of the Lord's provision.

The Royal Albert Hall was somewhat of a surprise to us. On inquiry regarding it we found the Manager quite willing to do everything in his power to meet us. He evidently had a good impression of our former visits to the Hall, when you gave the Lectures which were so greatly used of the Lord for the opening up of the work in Great Britain. The actual net out-of-pockets was suggested by him as a fee, but exceeded our limit as to cost. Ultimately he agreed upon a figure of L200 for thirteen days, and accepted the risk of selling L10 in reserved seats per night to make up the necessary difference. A sum of L20 will easily cover the balance for "extras," and this we hope to provide from the sale of Scenarios.

It would seem to be the Lord's purpose for the DRAMA to be held back for awhile, possibly over the holiday season. We have no funds, and no serviceable applications at present. In the meantime the Eureka DRAMA is claiming our attention.

At a prayer, praise and testimony meeting held at the Royal Albert Hall last evening, after the big public meeting was over, the Brothers and Sisters expressed their gratitude to the Lord for all the privileges bestowed. All felt uplifted and full of fervor for the Truth.

Since the above was written Brother Hemery has received a letter from Sister Seibert enclosing a draft for L100. This generous gift is intended for the PHOTO-DRAMA, we understand; but Sister Seibert does not make it clear whether it is to be divided between the provinces and London, or whether it is intended for London only. The money is most welcome, and every care will be exercised to use same wisely as the Lord may direct. With much fond love,

Your brother in the Lord, H. J. SHEARN.




Some time has passed since we left you all at dear "Bethel," and nothing have you heard from us, but now as we are in Sweden's northernmost city, we want to send a message of love to you and all the Bethel family from one of Sweden's Drama groups, in which we have the privilege of laboring for our Master.

What a wonderful privilege we have to be able to help spread the "Tidings of Great Joy" amidst the world's tumult, and also what a privilege to be able to present the Drama up here, where it is so dark and cold just now! The sun is invisible fifty-two days during the winter months! Truly we have seen God's power and the manifestation of His love so wonderful that we have, oh! so much to rejoice over.

Wherever the Drama has been presented so far, much interest has been shown, and not once has the theater or hall been large enough for all to gain entrance, and many times have more been turned away than have been able to get in.

One evidence of God's power was manifested in Lidkoping. It had been snowing for two days, and during one of the afternoon performances it began to snow still harder, and half an hour after the performance was over the electric power was cut off and the whole city was in darkness, with the exception of a few gas lights here and there. The two hours before the 8 o'clock performance were trying ones for us. Shortly before 7 o'clock people began to gather. All the light we had was a candle held by a sister at the book table. People kept gathering more and more, and in spite of the storm and no power, waited patiently to get in. The brothers helped to line up, and in our hearts we were sorely troubled. We prayed silently, "O God, if it be Thy will and the Drama is of Thee, give us power, for Jesus' sake."

Seven volumes of STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES and twenty-five SCENARIOS were sold, with the light of the candle. It was fifteen minutes of 8; the candle was still giving its faint light; the people were invited in, and in but a few minutes the house was filled to its uttermost capacity. We intended to play a few records on the graphophone and then tell them something about the Drama work. We had played two pieces, and it was 8 o'clock. I came to the platform and was ready to speak to the people when the power came with a wonderful flash! The people rejoiced with us, and loud applause rang through the whole theater. We learned so much through this experience. We had no need of power before 8 o'clock, but it came just when we needed it. God wants us to be patient and to trust Him.

"Simply trusting every day,
Trusting through a stormy way.
Trusting Jesus—that is all."

This is only one incident, and we have experienced so many. God is love. His Truth proclaims it; day by day His Truth we prove.

* * * *

With greetings of Christian love to you and all the dear friends, we are

Your humble servants for the Master's use,



Brooklyn, N.Y.


When one of our firm was about to leave his residence today, he noticed a man passing along the street throwing folded papers from the sidewalk without any pretension of walking up to the doorstep. The one thrown at the residence above referred to landed in snow and water on the front porch 25 feet from the door. Upon being unfolded it was found to be a copy of the BIBLE STUDENTS MONTHLY. Our point is this: We are supposed to be the only distributors in the city of Oswego. One of our distributing advertisers might come out of his house and find a folder such as yours thrown in the snow. He would naturally think it was some of our work, become disgusted with this method of advertising and stop doing business with us and we would never know the reason. WALLACE POSTER ADV. CO.—Oswego.