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"We walk by faith, not by sight."—2 Cor. 5:7 .

THIS PRINCIPLE holds true in respect to all of God's dealings with His people during the night of weeping preceding the glorious morning of joy, when they shall see as they are seen and know as they are known. Hence, to approach God's Word and have a right understanding of it, implies:—

(1) A heart condition of teachableness.

(2) A heart condition of faith in God, as the great Teacher who knows our limitations and who has promised to guide the willing and obedient into all Truth as it becomes "meat in due season."

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(3) An expectation of Divine guidance in the understanding of the Scriptures, even as God has promised, and, expecting this, they may seek for it in prayer.

(4) An exercise of their reasoning faculties that, while expecting and seeking, and looking in the direction of their expectations, they may thereby approve or disapprove what is presented to them.

(5) Great care as to how they neglect these favors of God. They should beware of headiness and highmindedness, lest, having enjoyed the light and the blessing, these should slip from them and leave them again in the outer darkness in which we see the whole world of mankind groping.

To continue in the light and truth and blessing necessitates character-development, for the privilege of the light of knowledge is God's reward for purity of heart, of intention, of endeavor. So may we come into Christ and abide in Him and bring forth much fruit.



"It takes great love to stir a human heart
To live beyond the others, and apart;
A love that is not shallow—is not small;
Is not for one or two, but for them all.
Love that can wound love, for its highest need;
Love that can leave love, though the heart may bleed;
Love that can lose love, family and friend,
Yet steadfastly live, loving to the end.
A love that asks no answer, that can live,
Moved by one burning, deathless force—to give!
Love, strength and courage; courage, strength and love—
The heroes of all time are built thereof."