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BUT ONE Ransom-price was arranged for by our Heavenly Father and provided for in the death of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. That Ransom-price is for the sins of the whole world. But the world has not yet gotten its share of the benefit of that Ransom-price provided more than eighteen centuries ago; for it still "lies in the Wicked One." (I John 5:19.) Our Lord, knowing the Father's will in this matter, declared, "I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me."—John 17:9.

The application of the merit of the Ransom for the Church was made when our Lord Jesus "ascended up on High and appeared in the presence of God for us"—the Church class. (Heb. 9:24.) His application of his merit for us was manifested by the Pentecostal blessing, which has since continued with all of the "us" class, begetting these to the new nature, as joint-heirs with our Redeemer.

Our great High Priest will not make application of his Ransom-merit on behalf of the world until the end of this Age, until he shall have finished the use of it on behalf of the Church—now enabling those drawn of the Father to "present their bodies living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, their reasonable service."—Rom. 12:1.

During this Age, he accepts, therefore, as part of his own sacrifice, the offering of the Church. This enables this class, as referred to by the Apostle (Col. 1:24), "to fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ for his Body's sake, which is the Church." Thus, suffering with him in this present time, they will shortly be glorified with him in his Kingdom as his Bride.

To recapitulate: The Ransom-price is one thing, and the Sin-atonement made with that Ransom-price is quite another. The Ransom-price for all was provided by our Lord in the work finished by him at Calvary. The appropriation of the Ransom-price is two-fold:—

(1) In this Age, for or on behalf of, the Church.

(2) In the coming Age, for the sealing of the New Covenant with Israel, which will be open for acceptance by all the families of the earth—all nations.

The Atonement, so far as God is concerned, all proceeds from the Ransom-price provided at Calvary. The first application of that price was made after our Lord ascended up on High, when he appeared for us, his Church. The second application of the Ransom-price will be at the close of this Age, when, as the Great Priest, he will mediate the New Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. This Covenant is different from the Covenant under which the Church is developed, namely the Abrahamic Covenant, which has no mediator, and which is a Covenant of sacrifice, while the New Covenant is a Covenant of Restitution, to return man to his original condition of perfection.


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"Thou hast been faithful—
Thou hast borne the cross,
The thorns have pierced thy feet;
But now the night is past—
The day has come—bright,
Glorious Day of endless joy and love.
The trial time hath proved thee true
And thou art safe, Beloved,
In thy Father's home.

"O, glorious Day, for thee we long!
We will be faithful, will the
Burdens bear, sustained by grace Divine.
In meek submission to thy holy will;
Dear Lord, by faith we clasp thy hand
As side by side we tread the Narrow Way,
And wait—for it will surely come—
Some day, some dear, sweet day;
O, tarry not too long!"