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I desire to let you know of an incident that is an occasion of joy to our little class, and I believe it is an act of justice to a Brother to hasten to tell the good report we can now give, inasmuch as you were acquainted at the Jacksonville Convention, February, 1909, with the estrangement that existed.

We are so glad to announce that Brother __________, once our Elder, has won a great victory over the "old man," pride, self, and the Adversary. He, by the grace of God, at a testimony meeting, arose and confessed his faults, saying that pride and the Adversary combined had deceived and cheated him of the blessed fellowship of this class, that he had been to the throne of grace with the matter and desired to do nothing but the Lord's will in all matters and desired to again meet regularly with "those of like precious faith."

Each one present at the end of our Brother's testimony came forward and extended the hand of fellowship and love. Stimulated by the example, another one of our class who had been unstable, arose and testified in like manner, to whom also we demonstrated our love and good will by shaking hands. We felt that the power of God's holy Spirit had worked mightily in our midst and rejoiced greatly. These two Brothers are demonstrating the sincerity of their testimony by attending all the meetings regularly, which is our Lord's appointed way of blessing his Church, those who "forsake not the assembling of themselves together as is the manner of some."

Yours faithfully in our Redeemer and King,




For months the publications of those poor "dreamers," so graphically described by the Apostle Jude, have been coming through the mail into our home.

Dear Pastor, what a fearful thing to be "spots on the feasts of love" of God's dear people as they meet to worship and learn of him. To be "trees whose fruit withereth—twice dead, plucked up by the roots"! The empty clouds ("without water"), carried about by winds, "every wind of doctrine."

Will you offer a special prayer for me and mine that we may "keep ourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life"?

And for the foolish ones, deluded for a time by these "wandering stars," who have gone in the way "of Cain, Balaam and Core," pray that we may have all proper "compassion, making a difference," "pulling them out of the fire," by continually feasting our minds on the Truth, and keeping on the "whole armor of God," thus being equipped for any service or any trial. Surely, we never could help any one by imbibing error, even with the thought of being better able to contrast it with the Truth.

A number of times I have thought of writing letters to some, trying to help them; but if all the clear, beautiful expositions of Scripture we have been given through the TOWERS cannot dispel their mental and spiritual clouds, I thought anything I might say surely would do no good.

May the God of all grace keep you continually; give you wisdom, grace and strength to meet every need.

Yours in our blessed Redeemer and Advocate,




Since the opponents of the Vow called attention to the small number of names registered, the Birmingham Church has decided to send a full list of her members that have taken the Vow, as a means of expressing to you our hearty approval and appreciation of it.

While the majority took it some time ago and so notified you, yet others have been dilatory about sending in their names. Only a few have not yet seen the necessity for taking it, and we trust, in God's providence, they may soon see "eye to eye" with us, as no antagonism has been shown.

We would like to say, also, that we feel most grateful for the season of refreshing that we have recently enjoyed, and are confident that much permanent good will result therefrom.

Yours in him,

B. T. M.,—Secretary.