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VOW letters from individuals and classes continue to pour in upon the Editor. He is glad to have them and requests that you excuse the impossible pleasure of answering every one of these by letter. He thinks none the less of some who have "sat down and counted the cost" before taking the Vow.

Some of the letters wish that the matter had been presented sooner, as it might have saved them some painful experiences. Others find it "just in time" to forewarn and forearm them. One Colporteur reports that the first three parties canvassed one morning were Spiritualists. The thoughts presented in connection with the Vow held him back, and that night he made the Vow his own before the Lord.

So many as recognize it as the Standard lifted up by the Lord (Isa. 59:19) for our help and for the assistance of others with whom we have influence—such of course will be prompt to take it and sure to keep it. Time will tell. Meantime those who have taken it relate that they experience fresh blessings and we rejoice with them.

"Offer unto God thy thanksgiving: and pay thy vows unto the Most High; and call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me. But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldst take my covenant in thy mouth!" Psa. 50:14-16 and see 19-21. We can spare room for only one letter at this time:


I can only add multiplied emphasis to the many expressions of joy and gratitude already given by the friends respecting the Vow and all the articles pertaining thereto, every word of which I have eagerly read and weighed and applied to myself.

Very humbly I registered my Vow to the Lord, dear brother, not as one of those who had no special need of its protection, but as one who was in sore need. Reared in an exceedingly affectionate home and accustomed to excessive demonstration of love and affection, the breaking of the home ties when I entered the Colporteur work brought me much loneliness which the Adversary no doubt saw much sooner than I myself did and cunningly acted upon. My confidence in the Lord's people was unlimited—and not until recently have I seen the great danger confronting us all in this direction. The mistakes that I have been led into are painful memories, but I thank God have prepared me for his blessing. I am glad for the Vow—I am desirous of all the blessing it can bring. I remember at his throne every day all who have taken it. May his grace be richly with us all.

With much love for you and deep appreciation of your faithful devotion to the Lord and careful attention to his flock, I am,

Yours in the hope of perfect love, __________