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We had a grand time at Kenton. Friends from nearby towns and cities came in goodly numbers and full of the Spirit, and greatly cheered the little company of friends of the Truth at this point. Brother Russell arrived just at the close of the morning rally and gave a few words of cheer respecting the general prosperity of the "harvest" work and the evidence that "due time" will accomplish all that God has promised.

The afternoon meeting for the public was held in the Opera House. Its large attendance, filling the house reputed to hold over a thousand, is said to have been the largest religious gathering ever held in the little city. Our friends certainly advertised that meeting thoroughly, Brother Russell did his best to make plain the great divine plan and the report is that the entire city and countryside are thinking and talking about the teachings of the Bible as never before.

The evening discourse was specially for the interested, but as many of you got the stenographer's report in the Pittsburg Dispatch we need go into no details here.


Our train arrived early and we had great pleasure in the Rally and Testimony Meeting in the forenoon. Surely it was good to be there. Many tongues testified to the Lord's grace and truth and to responding devotion and love.

The afternoon session for the public must have been well advertised. It had a splendid turnout of very intelligent people from all the walks of life. The sermon topic was, "To Hell and Back. Who are there? Hope for the return of many of them." The Majestic Theatre, seating 1,400, was packed, about 100 standing, and several hundred were turned away. The closest of attention was given, and we will hope for some good results. We may surely hope that a considerable number will hereafter have saner and more loving views of our Heavenly Father than before. And if only a few grains of ripe "wheat" were found we shall rejoice.

The evening session was for the interested, on "Man's Elections and God's Elections," as reported in the Dispatch. Here also we were escorted to the depot by quite a number of the beloved friends. A night ride returned us to the Bible House Monday morning.