[R3653 : page 324]


WE urge none to withdraw from "Babylon." We point out to the truth-hungry the "meat in due season," and encourage them to eat thereof freely, heartily, and to grow spiritually strong in the Lord. As each develops in knowledge and in grace it must be by confessing with his mouth as well as by his conduct his relationship to the Head and to all whom He recognizes as his "members." He cannot suppress the Truth and continue his spiritual progress; and to confess it will bring opposition from the Adversary and from all in darkness under his blinding influences—social, financial and Babylonish. It is only a question of time when such will realize that loyalty to God, to His Truth and to the brethren will call him out of Babylon and into fuller fellowship with the Lord and all the brethren and all the Truth.—Rev. 18:4.

When such are ready to act they need assistance, advice. They are liable to one of two extremes, according [R3653 : page 325] to their natural temperament: either (1) with too much combativeness they are liable to act and speak too harshly of those who are still asleep, as they once were, or (2) with too little positiveness they are likely to miss a glorious opportunity for declaring meekly but firmly for the Lord and his Word. Thereby they not only lose a blessed reward at the time, but they unwittingly place in the hands of the Adversary a lash for their future chastisement, a cord for the restraint of their influence.

Alas! how often we witness this last experience. Some dear brother or sister purposes a quiet withdrawal from one of the sects, and sends his letter of withdrawal to the pastor or other prominent official. The matter is kept quiet, his name remains on the rolls, and his associates consider his absence an evidence of unfaithfulness to his covenants. Gradually they come to regard him as a backslider and his influence is forever damaged. Worse than this: sometimes the pastor or official, seeking to serve his sect, will falsely and maliciously and slanderously circulate rumors that he has become an infidel, or that he is mentally unbalanced. This is done in order to offset the influence of the Truth upon other members of the sect, which they feel must be upheld at any cost.


To meet these conditions we have prepared a "Withdrawal Letter" suitable to all cases, which we advise should be sent to every member of the congregation withdrawn from. You did not join the minister, but the congregation, and you should address to the latter your withdrawal. We print these "Withdrawal Letters" in large quantities and supply them with tracts and envelopes free. You merely need to sign and date them, and put on postage and mail them.

These letters are carefully and moderately worded so as to prevent your friends in "Babylon" from misunderstanding the step you are taking, and extends to them your Christian greetings and a helping hand out of a darkness, which to some extent they realize, into God's marvelous light, which, if true disciples, they are longing and seeking for. It is a most kind and effective way of giving your witness for the Truth. And the sooner done the better, though better late than never.

Order a sample of these letters, and if you decide to use it order the quantity necessary for the congregation and get out your testimony, your witness for the Truth, as speedily as possible. We now have a fresh supply.