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1. What is the importance of Patience as an element of Christian character? Jas. 1:4; Z.'02-308 (1st col. par. 2); Z.'02-247, (2nd col. par. 2); Z.'01-119 (2nd col. par. 2).

2. What is the common significance of this word? See Webster's Dictionary; also Z.'01-115 (1st col. par. 2).

3. What is the deeper significance of this word as used in Scripture, especially in Rev. 3:10 and Luke 8:15 ? Z.'01-115 (1st and 2nd cols.)

4. Why is "patient-endurance" so necessary? Z.'01-116 (2nd col. par. 1,2).

5. What is the relation between patient-endurance and self-control? 2 Pet. 1:6; Z.'96-222 (1st col. par. 1).

6. How should we endure our trials and thus "possess our souls"? Luke 21:19; Z.'01-116 (1st col. par. 2,3).

7. What is the relation between faith and patient-endurance? Jas. 1:3; Z.'01-117 (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'03-361 (1st col. par. 3) Z.'03-362 (2nd col. par. 2).

8. Why should we "glory in tribulation"? Rom. 5:3; Z.'00-364 (2nd col. par. 1,2); Z.'02-380 (2nd col. par. 2); Z.'03-439 (2nd col. par. 1,2).

9. What particular thoughts constantly kept in mind will enable us to be "patient in tribulation"? Rom. 12:12; Z.'97-265 (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'98-41 (1st col. par. 1,2); F.632, (par. 2) to 634, (par. 2).

10. Does faithfulness to our covenant of self-sacrifice demand patience? Z.'03-408 (1st col. par. 3).

11. How should we meet persecution and opposition? 1 Pet. 2:20-23; Z.'03-164 (2nd col. par. 2); Z.'96-83 (2nd col. par. 2).

12. How can we be "patient toward all"? 1 Thess. 5:14; Z.'03-24, (1st col. par. 2); F.306,307.

13. Why is there special need of patience in the Harvest of the Gospel age? Z.'97-148 (1st col. par. 2); Z.'01-119 (1st and 2nd cols.)

14. Is it possible to pervert the grace of patience? Eph. 5:11; Z.'97-148 (1st col. par. 1).

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15. Why does the Apostle rank patient-endurance above even Love? Titus 2:2; 2 Tim. 3:10; Z.'00-332 (1st and 2nd cols.); Z.'01-116 (2nd col. par. 3); Z.'01-117 (1st col. par. 2,3).

16. What is the relation between patience and "enduring hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ"? 1 Pet. 5:10; Z.'95-202 (2nd col. par. 1).

17. How are we to run the race for "the prize of our high calling of God in Christ Jesus"? Heb. 12:1; 6:12; Z.'01-117 (2nd col. par. 3); Z.'03-54 (1st col. par. 4).

18. Why is patient-endurance the final test? Heb. 10:36; C.212, par. 1; Z.'01-115 (2nd col. par. 1); 116 (1st col. par. 1); 117 (2nd col. par. 1).

19. How is God's promise to those who "keep the word of his patience" now fulfilled? Rev. 3:10; Z.'01-118 (1st and 2nd cols.)

20. What lessons do we learn from Jesus' example of patience? Heb. 12:3; Z.'98-160 (2nd col. par. 3); Z.'01-298 (1st col. par. 1,2); Z.'00-119 (1st col. par. 1); Z.'05-120 (1st col. par. 3).

21. What other notable examples of patience are recorded in Scripture? Jas. 5:10,11; 2 Cor. 6:4-10; 2 Cor. 12:12.

22. Is patience an essential quality in an Elder? 1 Tim. 3:3; F.251, par. 2; F.298, par. 1,2.

23. How can we cultivate patient-endurance? a. By prayer, Z.'96-163 (1st and 2nd cols.) b. By growing in knowledge, Z.'03-24 (1st col. par. 2). c. By increasing our faith, Z.'03-361 (1st col. par. 3). d. By recognizing the time-element in God's plans. Z.'97-147 (2nd col. par. 3); Z.'01-118 (2nd col. par. 2).

24. What additional thoughts are suggested by reference to the Topical Indexes of "Heavenly Manna" and the "Watch Tower Bible"?