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TWO MORE Believers' Conventions are called under the auspices of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY, as follows:—

At Boston, Mass., commencing Friday, Sept. 22d, at ten o'clock A.M., and lasting three days.

At St. Louis, Mo., commencing Friday, Oct. 6th, at ten o'clock A.M., and lasting three days.

At this writing we are unable to give full particulars respecting the program and speakers, except that the Editor of this journal will probably speak each afternoon, and that Pilgrim McPhail is expected to take part in the Boston Convention, while Pilgrims Draper, Willis and Ransom may be expected at St. Louis. The hours for meetings will be the same for both conventions; viz.,

Friday, 10 A.M., opening "rally" led by representatives [R2516 : page 213] of the home churches whose guests we will be, and who promise us a warm welcome. At 2 P.M., a Testimony Meeting. At 3 P.M., a discourse. At 7 P.M., a Testimony Meeting. At 8 P.M., a discourse.

Saturday, 9 A.M., a Testimony Meeting; at 10:30 A.M., a discourse; at 2:30 P.M., a discourse on Baptism, its import and its symbol,—with opportunities offered for its symbolization by any who may so desire. At 7 P.M., a Praise Meeting; at 7:45 P.M., a discourse illustrated by a large Chart of the Ages.

Sunday, at 9 A.M., a Prayer and Testimony Meeting; at 10:30 A.M., a discourse illustrated by the Chart of the Ages; at 2 P.M., Praise Service; at 3 P.M., a discourse; at 7:30 P.M., several speakers, subject, Preserving the Unity of the Spirit in the Bonds of Peace.

All Christians who trust in the precious blood of Christ for justification are cordially invited to convene with us for the study of our Father's Word;—and especially such of these as have made or desire to make full consecration of their justified selves to the service of the Father through the merit and mediation of our Redeemer-King.



The Boston Convention is timed so as to give us the advantage of the "Congregational Convention," held at the same time. Special tickets should be inquired for at once, that the Railroad agents may have them on hand at proper time. These special tickets will cost full fare going; and will have an agreement attached, pledging the Ry. to sell a return ticket for one-third of full fare for return journey. Thus the round trip rates will be two-thirds of the usual. Get full particulars of your ticket agent.

The St. Louis Convention is timed to take advantage of the low rates granted to the "St. Louis Fair," viz., one fare for the round trip. These tickets will be on sale Oct. 2d to 7th and will be good for return until Oct. 10th. Remember that our Convention date there is 6th to 8th.


Good, comfortable, clean accommodations will be arranged for at the rate of one dollar per day—board and lodging,—two in a bed (fifty cents extra where separate bed is insisted on). WATCH TOWER subscribers too poor to pay these moderate charges will be provided for, if they will request entertainment as "the Lord's poor."


This will be the only notification of these Conventions, as there will be no other issue of this journal in this form until Nov. 1, the special issue (DAWN, VOL. V.) taking the place of the Sept. and Oct. issues.

Therefore, decide as quickly as possible whether or not you will attend either of these Conventions. If your decision is to go, write to the Watch Tower Office, heading your letter with the word Convention. Tell us how many there will be of your party—males and females—and whether you desire us to secure $1. a day accommodations for you, or whether you desire provision as the Lord's poor, as above. Also state by what railway you will come and, if possible, the hour of your arrival. So far as possible there will be a Reception Committee to take charge of all comers at trains; and they may be known by their displaying a copy of MILLENNIAL DAWN or the WATCH TOWER. But more than this, your letter will be so answered as to give you full information how to find the lodging and meeting places.

Dear Brethren and Sisters, let all who attend these Conventions go to them full of earnest desire to get good, and so far as possible to do good to others;—full of the spirit of loving devotion and prayer. All such will surely experience a great blessing—a feast of fat things, in fellowship with our Lord and his brethren.


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From far in the great aions of eternity,
From space unlimited, unmeasured by the steps
Of worlds, from silence broken only by the voice
Of him, the Self-Existent One, whose skilful word
Created him,* came forth the glorious Son of God.

* Rev. 3:14.

(O sacred moment! which with shaded eyes we dare
With holy boldness to approach; not with a vain
Desire to see and know what God has hid, but drawn
Thereto by that blest Spirit which in reverence
Delights to search the deep and precious things revealed.+)

+ 1 Cor. 2:10.

O glad Beginning of Creation's early morn!
O glorious Finish of Creation's noon and night!
O blessed Son, begotten of the Father's speech,
Thou Only Well-belov'd, in whom all fulness dwells!
Silence and space alone were found to worship thee!

But deep within the counsels of th' Eternal One
Lay countless hosts whose praise should celebrate the Son;
And to the Son was giv'n prerogative++ to call
Them to existence, in abodes of him prepared,
And crown with happiness each creature in its sphere.

++ John 1:3.

Rich in insignias of his high rank, he still
Delighted in the emblems of humility;
And wore upon his heart the gem obedience,
And clothed his arm with zeal, his feet with haste, to do
The holy will of Him who loved and cherished him.

And now reigns silence, solemn, still, as that which on
His natal day received him; for the angels watch,
With awe constrained, while he divests himself of all
His wealth and glory, and becomes a babe; then loud
Hosannas sing, "On earth be peace, good will to men!"

And lovingly they watch him as the perfect man's
Estate he magnifies with like obedience,
Unflinching loyalty and firm humility;
Till, daunted not by Calv'ry's cross and shame, he gives
His life—a ransom for a helpless, dying race.

That awful day the darkened sun and quaking earth
Creation's anguish voiced; but One yet reigned supreme,
Who loved him with the power of infinity,
And in His master-hand the mighty issues held—
The matchless Son had won the title to a throne!

What throne? Could all the boundless universe produce
A worthy coronet for his escutcheon which
Nor honor, glory, shame nor death could mar? Behold,
The heav'nly myriads worship, while the Father crowns
The risen Son—divine,* immortal,+ Lord of all.++

* Heb. 1:3Diaglott.
+ John 5:26.
++ Rom. 14:9.

O hail, Immanuel! Prince of life and glory, hail!
Let earth with heaven unite in adoration, praise,
Thanksgiving to thy God, whose attributes thou hast
Exalted, and to thee, whose love and sacrifice
Constrain a race redeemed to endless gratitude!