[R1305 : page 96]



Although our first intention was to publish the third volume of DAWN in cloth binding only, we finally concluded that this would hinder many from possessing it who would greatly desire and enjoy it. We therefore published a paper-bound edition at 25 cents per volume. Although many readers had already ordered it, others wrote that they could not pay for it at present, and still others, aged, maimed, and otherwise dependent, who are regularly on the TOWER poor list, we knew would lack means to purchase it as well as the TOWER. Love for the truth and love for the poor of the flock led to the plan adopted, and we sent out the paper-bound edition as the June issue of the TOWER, to all paid up subscribers and to all of the Lord's poor who, as directed, sent us a postal card at the beginning of the year requesting its continuance and stating their inability to pay for it. So far as possible we avoided sending extra copies to those who had already ordered and received the book; but we know of quite a few mistakes by which extra copies did go out. We trust that the friends receiving such may know of some good ways of using them to interest others in the truth.

The sending out of so many books is of course quite an expense, but the message is for all the Lord's people alike, and we could not feel satisfied to do less. No extra charge has been made; but so many as can afford it of those who have not paid for their copy may, if they choose, accept their own copy free as a number of the TOWER, and at the same time have a share in the work of feeding such as are spiritually hungry by paying whatever they choose toward the expense of sending the book to others.

If any who have paid for the TOWER for 1891, or any who have asked for it for this year, stating their inability to pay for it, have failed to receive the third volume, they will know that the omission was accidental, and they can have it rectified by advising us at once.