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Did you receive a copy? We sent one to each WATCH TOWER subscriber who had renewed for 1889, so far as we know, as a special number for the months of April and May combined.

We mailed it to all of the "Lord's Poor List" who have requested the TOWER for the present year (See Terms above), as well as to all who have paid for this year; and also, to all who requested that the paper be continued to them and who hoped to be able to pay for it during the year.

If any who renewed their subscription, in any of these ways, failed to get the book, they should at once drop us a postal-card, that any mistakes may be rectified.

In our March issue we promised this book ("The Time is at Hand"), without extra charge, as part of this year's WATCH TOWER, to those only whose subscriptions should be received before April 1. But as we find this left too short a time for some, especially our Foreign and Pacific coast readers, we have concluded to leave the offer open until August 1. next. Therefore all whose subscriptions for the TOWER for 1889 are received up to that date, will be supplied with this book without extra charge.

Friends of the truth can therefore bestir themselves among those to whom they have sold or loaned DAWN VOL. I. and take subscriptions for the TOWER for 1889 with VOL. II. included for 50 cents; or, "The Time at Hand" alone, for 25 cents.