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In him all the fulness or perfection dwelt, and of his fulness have all we received. (John 1:16) They who get none of his fulness—have none of his righteousness imputed to them—reap no benefit from his sacrifice for our sins, and are poor and naked indeed—covered with the filthy rags of their own righteousness. Surely such are in the very gall of bitterness and bond of iniquity; yet, not realizing their condition, some such claim, that it will "be seen after all, that there is not so much difference between Jesus Christ and us." The Lord have mercy upon them!

The same paper endeavors to show, in addition to the above, that Jesus was the son of Joseph, and by nature, consequently, as much a sinner as other men; that the account of the Shepherds and wise men coming to worship the babe, and angels singing at his birth, "Glory to God and peace toward men," is all nonsense; that the Apostles who claimed to speak as the "oracles of God," by special divine "revelation," were no more inspired than its Editor, and consequently their claims were false, and they were impostors and deceivers. This paper, after devoting about three-fourth's of its columns to this stuff, and about one-fourth to quotations and treatises on "The high calling," "The heavenly calling," "The body of Christ," etc., on which subjects it is inconsistent enough to quote from the very Apostles it considers liars and impostors, and no more inspired than its Editor, then names this mass, "Glad Tidings," and calls for help in spreading it before thinking people.