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Do You Want "Zion's Watch Tower"?

We have sent out about 6,000 copies each, of the July and August Nos. of "Zion's Watch Tower" as samples. This we cannot continue to do, because first, it is expensive, and second, we have no desire to waste truth by sending where it is not desired and would not be appreciated. We would like therefore to hear from all who want the paper regularly before the tenth day of August, that we may know what number of copies to publish for September.

The price is very low in order to suit the purses of the majority of the interested ones, among whom are "not many rich," (for "God hath chosen the poor of this world, rich in faith, heirs of the kingdom.") and unless a good large list of subscribers are had, fifty cents will fall far short of paying for printing, &c.

Do not suppose these remarks to be an appeal for money. No, "Zion's Watch Tower" has, we believe JEHOVAH for its backer, and while this is the case it will never beg nor petition men for support. When He who says: "All the gold and silver of the mountains are mine," fails to provide necessary funds, we will understand it to be time to suspend the publication.

Do not put off until to-morrow what you can do to-day. If you want the September No. take your pen at once. Remember that the paper is as free to you if too poor to send the fifty cents as though you could afford it and paid for it, but we cannot know your circumstances—You must write also.

Where it is impossible to get paper money, U.S. (not foreign) postage stamps may be sent.